The economic climate has hit the job market badly and it has been a very slow and difficult time for those seeking work. We are at last seeing positive signs of recovery and job opportunities are improving. The competition remains fierce so knowing where to look and how to apply is critical to your success.

Register with local Employment Agencies – It cost nothing and filling jobs is our business! – call 01684 295400 to find out more
Go online – there are lost of local jobs board sites – Position are categorised and advertised by Employers and Agencies and it's easy to apply electronically – and for public sector
Local Newspapers – Hot off the press! ...... make an impression and be the first to get your application in!
Job Centre Plus – Visit your local centre or just go on-line to view all the latest jobs in the area
Word of Mouth – Be more aware of what is happening around you. Networking is invaluable so don't be afraid to ask and to let people know you are looking..... it shows initiative and enthusiasm and you just never know!

Above all STAY POSITIVE as this will come across in you application and at an believe in yourself and go for it!

Happy Job Hunting!

Judy & Lorraine

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